Vigorelle Cream to Increase Women Libido

Women also have an obsession to improve their sex drive. To attain this goal, you, as a woman can try to use the clitoral creams. Nowadays, there are a bunch of female clitoral gels on the market. There are a lot of products, and all of them have different results. The female enhancement creams for women sexual desire are very popular nowadays. There are many different brands that offer these products. One of the most popular clitoral cream is Vigorelle. In this article, I’ll give some explanations about Vigorelle cream for women increases libido and sex drive.

What’s Vigorelle?


This product has also gained popularity lately. Vigorelle is originally made by SellHealth Network, who has been famous as the women libido booster brand. Vigorelle is the water-based lube product so that it’s smooth and water-soluble. This is the topical cream that is easy to apply to your body.

You should apply this cream to your clitoris, and you will see the result quickly. You can use this cream before the sexual intercourse or during the foreplay.

How Vigorelle works?


Vigorelle is made from natural ingredients that are obviously safe for your body. It is made of plant extracts. It consists of L-Arginine HCI, Gingko Biloba, Suma Root, Rhizoma Dioscorea Villosae (known as Wild Yam), Damiana Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, and other various vitamins. These ingredients are used to stimulate, agitate and encourage the blood flow to the certain women area. When you apply this cream to your body, your blood flow will increase, and the nerves of your body will be more sensitive.

The effects of this cream are instantaneous. It is not very long lasting, but it’s still great as the clitoral cream. It’s recommended for you to do masturbation with the cream until your clitoris is engorged. Your vagina and clitoris will feel the great sensation and level up your sexual experience. This cream will increase the sensitivity of your vagina and clitoris.

Is it safe?

Vigorelle has an excellent reputation as an effective cream to increase women libido. It has been proven to increase the sex drive. Since it consists of all-natural ingredients, this cream will be perfectly safe for your body. However, it’s still recommended for you to not using this cream internally. It’s also not suitable for you who have the skin irritation problem. You should ensure that you only apply the small amount of this cream to your vaginal area first. Then, you can see whether your skin will irritate or not. Fortunately, Viforelle offers you the 60 days return policy for their customers.

Other products


There’re some different products that you can also try like Valentra, HerSolution Gel, SLiquid Organic and so on. HerSolution is water-based lubrication gel that is made from herbs. You should use this product directly on the clitoris and labia. Then this gel will give you the great orgasm-enhancing sensations. HerSolution is also proven to solve the vagina dryness problem for some women. However, it costs higher than the average product, so you need also to suit this product with your budget.

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