Top Anti-Cellulite Exercises

I am going to tell you about exercises that will help you to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Barbell Lateral Band Walk

Barbell Lateral Band Walk

Normally I do this with straight knees and no weight, but I decided to mix it up today. You should feel this on the outer sides of your glutes, not your hip flexors or thighs. Here you want to focus on keeping your chest up, knees facing straight, so not caving in. And I find it helpful to visualize leading the movement like leading stepping sideways with my knee so that it stays out. The way I did this was I did this exercise walking one way and then on the way back I did a similar exercise – barbell lateral squat walk let’s call it -, which is the same movement. Except instead of just stepping straight out to the side, you start standing straight and squat as you step out.

Barbell Thrusters

Barbell Thrusters

Straight up; this exercise requires coordination. Before starting, I usually do a few reps of just bodyweight motions to get my arms, work with my legs, and everything check. So that once you add the weight, you can focus on keeping your hands just beyond shoulder-width apart, wrists firm, and the bar resting on your collarbone as you lower. As you raise up, you want this to be in a fluid motion; it’s kind of like doing a wave at a sports scheme. You start at the bottom, then transfer the raising up move from your legs to your arms about midway through, and then you finish the press up with your arms at the end.

Single Leg Glute Bridges

Single Leg Glute Bridges

So, we’re going to superset this with single leg glute bridges from the medicine ball. This is an awesome exercise for hitting your lower glute and butt thigh area. You can use anything elevated here: aerobic bench, regular bench, whatever works for you. I like the ball because it requires additional stabilization through your glute muscles. The gluteus medius aka side glute muscle is responsible for the stabilization of your hips. So, we’re getting glutes from all angles with this exercise.

Booty Building Burpee

This is a combination of a wall ball and a plank jack you’re doing as quickly as possible. The resistance, as usual, is just keeping extra tension in my side glutes. As the barbell thruster, I recommend going through the motions of this first. And if it helps like even just breaking it down in your head as a wall ball and then a plank jack and practicing those individually before you try, that will help you keep the intensity up without getting confused while doing this.

Glute Bridge


So we’re going to superset that with a glute bridge from a medicine ball. This is super similar to the exercise I described earlier. The main difference is that you’re using both legs and your legs are obviously much closer than a regular hip thrust. What’s cool about moving your feet inwards is that it reduces the stability of your base. So, unstable foot positioning, plus instability of the ball, plus band equals lots of gluteus medius engagement.

Male Infertility Treatments

Today I want to talk to you about male infertility and what treatments offer US clinics to cure this problem.

Infertility as a whole is extremely common. It is estimated that one in eight couples in the United States suffers from infertility. Forty percent of the cases it is due to a male factor. The initial evaluation for male factor infertility would comprise of a semen analysis as well as a thorough history of one’s own health and family history. It is really important to do those early on in the process. What we try to do here is from the onset treat the couple as a couple and assess the male component and the female component. So we have information to make our decisions. The more information you have, the better the decisions can be. The history for male infertility compasses:

  • a history of undescended testicles or a hernia repair;
  • surgeries to the inguinal or scrotal region;
  • history of toxic exposures whether it is chemotherapy, smoking or environmental toxins;
  • use of prescription drugs that can affect male fertility: calcium, channel blockers;
  • family, medical, and fertility history.

Based on the initial evaluation, we can then determine what else needs to be done. For example, blood tests looking at genetic causes of infertility, hormonal imbalances, ultrasonography sometimes indicated to look out or to diagnose dilated veins, which are called varicocele or looking for testicular lesions, including ruling out the presence of cancer. These are all crucial parts of the workup that would be initiated, when the preliminary evaluation suggest a problem.

Also part of the evaluation is to look and assess the male’s health. Just because one has a low sperm count and we offer the state-of-the-art technologies to overcome that, but it does not mean that we shouldn’t make sure that the male is healthy. A low sperm count can be an indicator of conditions such as hypogonadism, which means a low testosterone. Men need testosterone for maintaining libido, sexual performance, but it is also crucial for muscle mass and bone health.

I work closely with the world’s leaders in female infertility. So that the care is coordinated, we interact daily patients, really get input from both the male and female experts in the field. So that the plan is individualized and not delayed because of the level of communication that we have. Everything is done on site. So that retrievals are done without transferring samples from one facility to the other. And we really believe and are committed that this type of coordination delivers the best fertility care anywhere. We offer state-of-the-art therapies including:

  • hormonal and medical therapies;
  • microsurgical reconstruction including vasectomy, varicocele repair;
  • ICSI – intracytoplasmic sperm injection;
  • Microscopic testicular sperm extraction;
  • for spinal cord patients we offer electroejaculation.

We offer treatment for male factor infertility. With the hope that the least invasive technologies can be utilized to achieve a pregnancy in an expeditious fashion.

VigRx Plus Helps To Increase Your Sexual Function

Enhancing your sexuality as a man is not an easy task. You do need to have high-quality products that can really be useful in increasing your desire. Finding such items is not an easy task either. That is why we would like to give you a recommendation to a product that can help you to increase your sexual function. For a male sexual enhancer, you should try this product called VigRx Plus. Here is a complete review of VigRx Plus that you can read before you actually try the product.

The Benefit of the product


There are several benefits that you can get from this excellent product. VigRx Plus is a high-quality supplement that will bring you an increased sexuality. Here is some of the best benefits that you can get from these pills.

VigRx Plus is known to increase the size of your penis significantly. This is a product that can really give you a bigger penis through a natural way. The tablet technically will increase the blood flow in your body especially those that go to the genitals. By giving more blood flow into the penis, it will grow.

Better orgasm is also one of the benefits that you can get from taking VigRx Plus. This product is aimed to increase the sexual pleasure in your penis. During the use, you will have a bigger and more pleasurable orgasm that has something to do with the increased sensitivity. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy sex more thanks to this supplement.


Increased libido is definitely a good quality of benefit that you can enjoy from this product. This is such a great pro especially if you are in your later age. As we know, the older you get, the lower your libido would be. Thanks to these pills, you don’t have to worry about such issues anymore as you can get your desire increased using VigRx Plus.

Another benefit that you should be aware of when taking this product is the durability in bed. Stamina and strength will be increased thanks to this product. Thus, if you are looking for a supplement that can elongate your sex session, VigRx Plus is definitely for you.

The Cons of the product

One of the cons that you will get from this product is the possibility of side effects. It is true that the product is made out of herbal ingredients. Despite so, there are people out there that might be intolerant towards herbal ingredients. And if you are one of them, you should consult your doctor before you take VigRx Plus.

The side effects that might result from this supplement would include something like weight gain and also nausea. Thus despite there is a possibility of side effects, they are not that dangerous or risky. You can still enjoy this product without getting the side effects if you are a healthy adult man.

A Сollection Of Herbal Breast Enlargement Methods That Work


Women with bigger size of breasts tend to be considered more attractive by men than those with small breasts. For that reason, many women with small breast try to enlarge their breast with whatever means that they can put their hands on. Some women would do surgery despite it being expensive and dangerous. As an alternative, some women would prefer to use the herbal remedy. Not only they are cheaper, but they are also a lot safer. Herbal remedy for breast enlargement itself is varied in the market. Here are some of the most useful and effective breast enlargement methods.

Herbal Cream for Breast Enlargement


Herbal cream is some of the most common forms of breast enlargement method that can actually work. The idea behind herbal breast enlargement creams is that you apply the cream directly to the breast tissue by massaging it. During the massage, the ingredient within the cream would be absorbed by our body through the pores and through the tissue. In this way, you are triggering the tissue and the hormone to enlarge your breast.

There are several herbal creams that are used to enlarge your breast size. For instance, one of the most famous ones is Total Curve breast enlargement creams. The price that is set for breast enlargement cream is usually varied from ten up to fifty dollars depending on the brand.

Herbal Pills for Breast Enlargement


The second type of herbal breast enlargement product that usually works best are pills. Unlike the herbal cream, herbal pills for breast enlargement needs to be consumed. The herbs powder inside the pills for breast enlargement needs to be consumed. It would travel from your stomach through your body to your chest via the blood flow. The ingredients itself would trigger a chain reaction which will allow your breast tissue to grow. The pills will also usually enlarge the breast using some ingredients that will form a fat substance in your breast.


When it comes to herbal breast enlargement pills, you have so many options to choose from. Our most recommended products would have to be between the Breast Actives pills and also the Provestra pills. Once again the pricing could be varied between forty dollars up to eighty dollars per bottle.

Herbal Patch for Breast Enlargement


Finally, the newest methods of enlarging breast size that can actually work would be using the herbal patch. The herbal patch might be such a new technology in the world of breast enlargement. Despite so, it has been one of the traditional ones as it is very easy to do compared to the previous two. You just stick a patch that has been infused with herbal medicine and let it sit on your skin. The herbs will travel through your pores and up to the blood circulation and to the breast tissue.

Just like the other two products, the patch is also supposedly able to produce hormones that will trigger breast growth. There are plenty of patches brand that is herbal such as Provestra and Prostenda. The price varied from thirty up to sixty dollars per pack.

Easy Steps to Do Jelqing


There’re many ways to enhance your penis size nowadays. Some people choose to take the high-cost treatment, but some other people prefer to use the natural ways. One of the traditional natural methods in improving your penis size is Jelqing.

What is Jelqing and how to use it?

Jelqing is the kind of enhancement exercise which is made to increase your penis length. It has been proven to be an efficient method for hundreds of years. This type of physical exercise is suitable for you who want to gain longer penis in a natural way. This training consists of 3 simple phases that can be done easily by anyone. But, you need to pay much attention to every phase because it still has some risks that will danger your health. So, here are the simple steps to do jelqing.

Warming up


This phase is the very first thing you have to do properly. You only need the hot water and towel to do this step. First you can take the warm shower. Then you can make your towel wet with the hot water. You should remember that you use the hot water that you can still handle and doesn’t make you burned. After that, you have to erect. Then you can wrap your penis with the warm towel for 15 minutes.

Do the jelqing


After you’ve already warmed up, you can start the milking or jelqing. Now you need the lubricant. First you should put the proper amount of the lubricant to your penis. Before you apply the lube, you need to make sure that you’re semi-erected. After that, you can squeeze your penis from the base of your penis shaft. Then you can start to slide your hand gradually to the corona of your penis. You should do this really slowly with the transition about 2-3 seconds. You need to make sure that you feel comfortable with this activity. You shouldn’t force it, and you can stop it anytime. You can repeat this movement for about 50 times. Actually, there are some devices that are designed to do milking or jelqing so that you don’t have to use your own hand. It’s all up to your personal preference.

Warming down

This is the last step of jelqing. After doing some movements, you need to spend some minutes on warming down your penis so that it can heal itself. This action is also effective to prevent you from injuries. You need the towel and hot water, just like the warming up a step. You can start to make your towel warm with the hot water. Then you can wrap your penis in the warm towel. You can keep it covered for 5-10 minutes. You should make yourself relax for this step.

Finally, if you’ve successfully taken these steps properly, you can obviously get the bigger penis.

Vigorelle Cream to Increase Women Libido

Women also have an obsession to improve their sex drive. To attain this goal, you, as a woman can try to use the clitoral creams. Nowadays, there are a bunch of female clitoral gels on the market. There are a lot of products, and all of them have different results. The female enhancement creams for women sexual desire are very popular nowadays. There are many different brands that offer these products. One of the most popular clitoral cream is Vigorelle. In this article, I’ll give some explanations about Vigorelle cream for women increases libido and sex drive.

What’s Vigorelle?


This product has also gained popularity lately. Vigorelle is originally made by SellHealth Network, who has been famous as the women libido booster brand. Vigorelle is the water-based lube product so that it’s smooth and water-soluble. This is the topical cream that is easy to apply to your body.

You should apply this cream to your clitoris, and you will see the result quickly. You can use this cream before the sexual intercourse or during the foreplay.

How Vigorelle works?


Vigorelle is made from natural ingredients that are obviously safe for your body. It is made of plant extracts. It consists of L-Arginine HCI, Gingko Biloba, Suma Root, Rhizoma Dioscorea Villosae (known as Wild Yam), Damiana Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, and other various vitamins. These ingredients are used to stimulate, agitate and encourage the blood flow to the certain women area. When you apply this cream to your body, your blood flow will increase, and the nerves of your body will be more sensitive.

The effects of this cream are instantaneous. It is not very long lasting, but it’s still great as the clitoral cream. It’s recommended for you to do masturbation with the cream until your clitoris is engorged. Your vagina and clitoris will feel the great sensation and level up your sexual experience. This cream will increase the sensitivity of your vagina and clitoris.

Is it safe?

Vigorelle has an excellent reputation as an effective cream to increase women libido. It has been proven to increase the sex drive. Since it consists of all-natural ingredients, this cream will be perfectly safe for your body. However, it’s still recommended for you to not using this cream internally. It’s also not suitable for you who have the skin irritation problem. You should ensure that you only apply the small amount of this cream to your vaginal area first. Then, you can see whether your skin will irritate or not. Fortunately, Viforelle offers you the 60 days return policy for their customers.

Other products


There’re some different products that you can also try like Valentra, HerSolution Gel, SLiquid Organic and so on. HerSolution is water-based lubrication gel that is made from herbs. You should use this product directly on the clitoris and labia. Then this gel will give you the great orgasm-enhancing sensations. HerSolution is also proven to solve the vagina dryness problem for some women. However, it costs higher than the average product, so you need also to suit this product with your budget.